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What is a smart home?

2018 / 12 / 11

What is a smart home?

Home automation

All equipments in a home,like doors,lighting,doorbells,windows,water heaters,appliances,etc. can be connected to the internet,you can remotely control these devices by phone or computer and they can send you information and accept commands,this is The Internet Of Things(IOT),a key components of home automation and smart home.

Lock-as the first step entry into a home,the smart door locks are becoming more and more popular.Lock you door from million miles is it cool? Locstar as a smart lock manufacturer,Z-wave smart locks we offered that have brought a variety of benefits to the family and its occupants.

  • Lock and unlock doors from anywhere

Control your doors from anywhere on your smart phone,table,or internet connected device.

  • Get notified when someone enters your home

Receive notification when your loved ones arrive home safely.Monitor people going in and out of your home.

  • Control when others have access to your home

Do you have a contractor coming by on monday at 2pm,or a housekeeper that comes on Thursdays between 9am~12am?You can assign a specific code and created a schedule that only allows entry into your home during those times.

  • Be prepared for life's unplanned moments

No matter where you are-work,vacation,or on the road,if something goes wrong in your home,you can remotely provide temporary access to those who need it.

In addition to the door locks,products that use the same Z-wave protocol offer the ability to add products and hardware at the homeowners own pace and budget.All of these products can be selected from various manufacturers.Get started macking your home a connected home with smart home devices featuring Z-wave technology.You can always know that your home is safe and your family is safe.

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