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New fingerprint lock for interior door

2018 / 12 / 11

New fingerprint lock for interior door

At present, most families still are using mechanical lock for the bedroom.And many users may meet the problem of loss of keys, so that they have to call a locksmith to destroy the lock or cylinder to open the door with high cost. If you use fingerprint lock, this problem will be solved. But most fingerprint locks in the market gives us impression with bulky, luxurious, and costly, and suitable for external door.

To meet market demands, Locstar developed a mini fingerprint door lock, that is very suitable for home interior door. Let’s take a look at the lock.

Fingerprint lock for interior door

  • It has three unlocking access solutions for your convenience and security.

Just use your finger to open the door. With semi-conductor biometric fingerprint sensor to avoid the problem of duplicate fingerprint.

S50 card unlocking. Press card setting button first, then swipe card, unlock the door in 1 seconds

Mechanical key override which is for emergency or backup.

  • Passage mode:
Press passage setting button, lock would be Keep for long time unlocking status, press again to cancel
  • USB external power

External power interface in case of batteries with low volume

  • Easy to renovate

Replace any knob lock without drilling extra hole. Just with a screwdriver you can install it by yourself

  • Self locking protection

successively 5 times wrong fingerprint/card, the lock will be self locking for 3 minutes

  • Optional color

Brown, Light gold, Black and so on. The customer can choose the right color to match door or decoration.

If you are looking for locks for your interior doors, the mini fingerprint lock is a good choice. Locstar offers a wide range fingerprint door locks, for more information about biometric door locks please visit www.locstar.com.

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