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Z-wave hotel lock provides a better keyless and mobile experience for guests

2018 / 12 / 29

Z-WAVE hotel lock provides a better keyless and mobile experience for guests

Contactless RFID card technology has appeared on electronic hotel door locks for more than 10 years,The hotel locks sold on the market are only handled in the outward appearance and the technology has come to an end on hotel door locks. In recent years, with the popularity of smart homes, people have begun to apply automation to hotel management.

Automated hotel locking system introduction:

1. Guest booking online

2. Guest payment online-

3. Automatically dispatch of codes trough sms and email.

The guest will automatically receive a code when the payment has been received online, or you have forced access without payment. It also takes into consideration clean rooms and give away the rooms that are clean first. As soon as the cleaning-staff marks a room as clean the guest will receive the code.

4. Self check-in

Just input the codes you received for the assigned room.

5. Self checkout

The guest will automatically checkout when time has passed his stay or cleaning-staff mark room as clean. This will also automatically remove the code from the locks

Automation hotel locking system

The access control system plays a central role in hotel automation. You cannot automate a hotel if you don't get rid of physical items like key or keycards. Z-Wave is the world's largest wireless network for home automation, introduce it into the hotel world to achieve an automated hotel management. Locstar is a member of Z Wave Alliance and also a z-wave lock manufacturer.


The only Z-wave hotel lock you need for upgrading your hotel to become an automation hotel locking system. Just install this lock as it does not require any wiring. Please contact us at www.locstar.com for more information.

Z-wave hotel lock

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