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What you should know when choosing hotel lock?

2018 / 12 / 24

What you should know when choosing hotel lock?

An appropriately locked door can be a significant consideration as your first line of defense against theft and burglars. Hence, choosing the best hotel lock for your hotel is crucial because of its efficiency and quality will compromise the safety and staying experience of your customers.


Magnetic stripe card lock-The first generation of hotel card door lock, which need to insert the magnetic stripe card into the lock to open the door, with the developing of technology, this lock had eliminated.

Magnetic stripe card lock

RFID Hotel lock- RFID technology has improved the experience of the user. People does not need to insert a key card to open the door, and the contactless RFID hotel door lock has been used by almost all hotels because of its ease of use and price advantage.

RFID hotel lock

To buy hotel lock, you need to consider factors.

Is it a new hotel or upgrading lock?

A new hotel – Considering the thickness of the door, it has enough space to install different mortise?

Upgrading hotel -In addition to the door thickness,also need to consider whether the new hotel door lock can be suitable for the door which is with door hole drilling already?

The hotel system consists of the following items.

Hotel card door lock(1pcs/guest room)

Card (qty = 3 times of guest room)-----For open the lock

Encoder (1pcs/hotel )  ---work with the management software to issue cards, cancel card, set card and so on

Data collector (1pcs/hotel, optional)-----Collect the unlocking records inside the lock to know when and which card unlock the lock

Energy save(1pcs/guest room)-Insert guest card to get power to save electricity for hotel

Software ----Work with encoder to set the locks and issue guest cards

When you buy the hotel locks,you need to buy card, encoder, date collector and software also.Energy saver and data collector is optional.

Hotel lock supplier

Not all hotels have enough budget to buy dormakaba or ASSA ABLOY hotel lock.So you need to find a cost-effective manufacturer, such as locstar, which is hotel door lock manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. 95% of the lock spare parts are produced in their own factory.Delivery time, lock quality and after-sales all can be controlled effectively.

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