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What should we do when building home automation?

2019 / 04 / 13

What should we do when building home automation?

Although the popularity of home automation has been greatly increased, there are still many people who have some questions about it.

What is home automation?

Home automation is also called “smart home”. Home automation systems usually connect controlled devices to a central hub or "gateway." When connected to the Internet, you can control these controlled devices from anywhere in the world via mobile/PC/ipad. Controlled devices can be any electronic products in your home, such as lights, home locks, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, power sockets, alarm systems, heating and cooling systems etc.

Smart home

What is the first step to build home automation?

The first step of building home automation is choosing a wired, wireless or a combination of both. Wireless technology is popular with most people because of its easy installation and higher reliability. The current more popular home automation wireless technology is Z-wave or ZigBee. Since Zigbee have more demands on compatibility, Z-wave is widely used than zigbee in the world.

What should you buy first for home automation?

Home automation is a constantly updating field, The old products may will be obsolete any time. You can buy some simple devices based on your own budget, and then add new equipment to your home automation system based on market trends. Most people may will start from smart door locks and lighting products. The important point is to ensure compatibility of all devices you buy.

What is the benefit of home automation?

When you add an electronic lock to your home automation system, you can remotely lock or unlock your lock, or authorize someone, such as a cleaner, who can access you home at a specified time without leaving a spare key. The Z Wave door lock produced by Locstar also can be changed into a common electronic door lock by simply removing Z-WAVE module.

Z wave Fingerprint Door Locks

When you add lighting system into your home automation system, you can set a specified time to turn the lights on and off, and when you are away from home, the lights can prevent theft.

Every device connected to you home automation system can bring more convenience and security to your family.

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