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What is hotel Do Not Disturb(DND) system?

2019 / 12 / 26

What is hotel Do Not Disturb(DND) system?

You might have such experience in hotel, you dragged your heavy luggage, walked down long corridor to find your room. There were lots of doors, you focused on the sign of each door if it shows your room number.  This sign is room number plate, it plays important role in hotel.

With rapid development and fierce competition of the hotel industry, to improve guests living experience and hotel decoration, traditional room numbers has not been able to meet the needs of hotel management. It is gradually being replaced by electronic doorplate.

What are the advantages of electronic hotel doorplate?

1. New design appearance: tempered glass panel, LED light and touch button, Its elegant and modern finish gives the hotel hallway a luxurious style.

2. Variety of functionsHotel Name, Room Number, DND, Check-IN, Please Wait, Please Clean, Doorbell. That’s can be customized

  • Room Number: Personalized hotel name(logo)and room number light will be always on, Upgrade hotel level;
  • Door Bell: After guest insert room card into energy saving switch to gain power, this "Doorbell" sign blue light will be turned on, indicating guest checked in. When visitor press "Doorbell" key, the doorbell inside the room will ring to remind guest;
  • Check-IN: When the guest enters the room, insert the card into the energy saving switch, and the "check-in" backlight will be turned on to indicate that the room has a guest; 4. Don't Disturb: When guest press "Don't Disturb" key on the touch switch inside the room, this "Don't Disturb" sign light will be turned on to indicate that the guest need privacy and rest, meanwhile the doorbell become inactive.(No ring even if doorbell key is pressed);
  • Please Wait: If visitor press doorbell outside, but it is not convenient for guest to open the door immediately, he can press the "Please Wait" key on the touch switch inside the room, to turn on this "Please Wait" sign light;
  • Please Clean up: When guest press "Please Clean" key on the touch switch inside the room, this "Please Clean Up" sign will be turned on, to remind waiter this room need to be cleaned.

Electronic hotel room number Sign needs to work with touch switch and doorbell, cannot work standalone. So the hotel DND system consists of electronic doorplate, touch switch and doorbell.

Hotel DND System

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