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The Benefits of RFID Hotel Access Control Systems

2019 / 12 / 29

The Benefits of RFID Hotel Access Control Systems

Hotel Access Control System

As we all know, RFID is not a new technology, it has been applied to more and more fields with the time to make this technology to be mature and developed. The wide using of RFID technology has improved the efficiency for many industries, especially access control in the hospitality industry such as hotel, motel, resort, and dormitory which often use RFID card locks to restrict or allow large numbers of people to enter specific rooms and areas. Nowadays, the RFID hotel guest room door lock has become the basic equipment of the hotel.

What are the benefits of RFID hotel access control systems?


RFID key cards do not require physical contact with the reader even it is in pockets or shirts, Just put the key card close the RFID door lock reader, the reader will quickly sensor the information of the card and verify authorized access, then open the door for the user. It makes more convenience for the guests who carry large luggage and want to enter the room.


It can be reprogrammed to allow or restrict access to hotel facilities and other access points to avoid entering without permission.


Using RFID cards without inserting, can avoid wear of the reader and card, it will be more durable.

4.Efficient integration

Holder's access to facilities except hotel room, such as restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, laundry, meeting rooms and any other facilities that require secure access in the hotel. With the enhanced security and encryption standards, smart cards can collect the information of every step of the holder's journey in this facility and allow the hotel to get a joint record of expense at once, rather than paying for the bills from different places in this same building. It streamlines the financial management of the hotel and creates a friendly experience for the hotel guests.

5.Saving cost

One guest card can open the room door and also get power with hotel energy saving switch when enter the room. When the guests go outside, they have to take away the guest cards. With the using of energy saving switch, it can save the power of electricity of the hotel to reach the aim of saving the cost.

The most important purpose of the hotel access control system is to provide a security, convenient and comfortable experience for guests during the whole stay. The guests' experience and hotel operations can be improved also. That is win-win for hotel operators. Locstar as a leader of hotel access control system manufacturer in China have supplied its service to more than 20000 hotels already to secure their facilities. If you are looking electronic lock, please contact us!

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