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How to improve guest experience in your hotel?

2019 / 12 / 24

How to improve guest experience in your hotel?

With the development of the tourism industry, hotels have sprung up. For hotel operators, guest experience is an important reference of evaluation for hotel management. The customers’ satisfaction is up to hotel security, facilities and booking experience.

What do guests expect from hotel security?

Safety is always the first priority. It’s crucial to have strong security prevention to keep both your guests and employees safe. Inadequate safety and security not only puts property and guests at risk of theft, but also undermines the reputation of the hotel. Here are a few tips for keeping hotel safety:

1.Use RFID card hotel lock

RFID card technology is widely used in various industries because of its safety, convenience and efficiency. With RFID hotel door locks, customers can only open the door in valid time and use the hotel-authorized key card. The RFID key card is not easy to be copied. If the customer accidentally loses it, just re-issue a new card. And using RFID CARD makes easy to track door lock unlocking records.

Card Door Lock

2. Provide uniforms and name tags for employees

You should let your employees wear uniforms and name tags issued by the hotel so that guests can easily distinguish between hotel employees and those are not employed by hotel, which is especially important in guest area, such as the lobby and guest rooms. It not only helps guests easily identify whom they can ask for help, but it also makes them feel safe because they know that your employees is constantly keeping an eye on the hotel.

3.Install CCTV camera

CCTV camera can provide additional security to help to avoid theft and offenders. CCTV camera should be placed in stairwell, passageway, gym, parking lot and any other public areas. Camera not only helps hotel staff to track the safety of visitors, it is also helpful to identify criminals if crime happens.

Hotel security is crucial. It’s every hotel owner goal to provide safe and secure accommodations.

What do guests expect from hotel facilities?

There may be different facilities demands for different types of guests. However, room facilities such as wardrobe, bed, sheet, towel, pillow, toiletries, TV, hair dryer, etc. are still the most important. When customers end a trip day, there is nothing better than a good night’s sleep. When you provide a high standard of quality on the facilities and friendly customer service that you will get more attention than your competitors.

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