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Hotel energy saver rfid card power switch

Insert you room card into the energy saver to get power
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      Energy saver(special type) can be programmed for a selected room or valid time,so it works only with RFID cards of that room in valid time. That means that if a guest wants to use any other card or doesn’t in valid time it won't work. This is a great contribution to energy saving because when a guest leaves the room and take RFID card out of card holder that turns off all the lights or air conditioning in the room and unnecessary energy consumers.

      1、Panel color:Our standard color is white, other customized color need extral cost. We can do any color you specify. 

      2、Words on the panel:We can put any language words on the panel per your request for free. The color of the words is black.

    3、Getting power with RFID guest card

    4、Light on the switch to show "on"  status

    5、Once the switch is broken, internal relay still keeps connecting status to provide power for room

    6、Steady output voltage, simply installation.

    7、Automatically power off with 15 seconds delay after removing out the card

    8、Dimmension:86*86*49mm220v - 230V Hotel room energy saving switch

Hotel card key switch technical parameter:







Nonworking status

Red indication light

Working temperature

-10 oC ~ 50 oC

Working humidity

40% ~ 80%.


Temic T5557 RF card/Mifare S50 card

System installation wiring instructions

    1、Open the package, use hand to open theface piece and mesochite.

     2、Takethe wire of the wall and insert it to the back of  mesochite’shole separately, then tighten the screw down.

       3、Screwthe mesochite down to the bottom case

       4、Pressthe face piece, make the face piece close to the mesochite.

       5、Wiringdiagram as below

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