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Fingerprint door locks are an incredible digital creation. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of keys. You don’t have to remember any codes. You don’t have to do anything. You just have to put your finger on it and the lock’s open. This is one of the best ways to keep unwanted people away from places they are not wanted. Widely used in homes and offices, fingerprint door locks come as an expensive gadget but are worth the use.

Locstar MINI01 is a revolutionary smart fingerprint door lock that offers entry via biometric fingerprint indentification and Mifare S50 card. It designed to fit interior door, DIY installation and simple daily use. We believe MINI01 is now the most simple solution to home security. The real technology is that you don't feel the presence of technology.

New fingerprint locks

Fingerprint access control door lock

Unlocking way

Fingerprint unlocking:
With semiconductor biometric fingerprint technology that prevent duplicate fingerprints happen.  
Fingerprint scanner will wake automatically once you place your finger on it and unlock the lock fast

Card unlocking: 

Mifare S50 card , can be set one card for all lock

Press card setting card first, then swipe card, unlock the door in 1 seconds 

More security:

Intelligent protection system—Spare mechanical key to open the dooe with automatic alarm function

Passage mode:

Press passage setting button, lock would be keep for long time unlocking status, press again to cancel

Fingerprint security locks
Fingerprint safe lock

USB external power

External power interface in case of batteries with low volume

Simple, DIY installation
MINI01 fingerprint lock is a painless installation process with no wiring and no drilling. No costly professional is needed for installation! Just with a screwdriver you can install it by yourself. Fits most single-cylinder door lock both left and right handed doors. MINI01 is suitable for wooden door with thickness 40mm-55mm

Fingerprint latch locks

Fingerprint deadbolt lock

Easy to renovate

Replace any knob lock without drilling extra hole

Free to change the handle direction

6268 Reversible handle, without door opening direction restriction

Keyless fingerprint locks

Korea fingerprint locks

Optional color

Brown,Light gold,Black

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