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The latest hotel lock system software from locstar

2018 / 12 / 20

The latest hotel lock system software from locstar

Hotel door lock system is one of the most important systems in the hotel.It is made up of ‘Lock’ and ‘System’. A complete and excellent hotel door lock system contains door lock hardware, electronic circuit components, software and peripheral accessories. It is more than just a hotel room door lock.

Hotel guest room management system

Lock-The first step guest entry into a room. Hotel door lock plays the center position of the system, and you should consider the hotel door lock first when you chose the hotel lock system.Locstar had developed its first magnetic IC card hotel lock since the establishment in 1998, It has more than 20 years hotel locks manufacture experience, also been the largest chain hotel supplier in China.

System-The all essential components except the lock. Locstar is not only a manufacturer of hotel lock but also has extensive experience in research and development of hotel management software.

Here we would like to introduce advantage of locstar’s hotel management system software.

1. We supply online&offline version software. For the online version, it uses Cloud technology and allows hotel landlord to check the hotel operating performance anytime.

2. Support more than 2 computers to issue cards at the same time and share real-time card issuing information to achieve more efficient hotel reception.

3. It will be much convenient for the agent of hotel lock wholesale to manage all hotel clients (Only for online software). For example, the hotel lock wholesales can use theirs background of online software to recover the datas of any clients’ hotel lock software if necessary.

4. There are several levels of operator to meet different hotels’ demands.

5. Download the card issuing records with excel or word format to know if there is any cheating from receptionist to reduce losses.

6. Supply DLL to different hotel with different PMS.

7. Custom software logo and language is available.

Locstar provide the complete system for hotel management needs, including software, encoder,RF card, data collector, guest room power switch,elevator button access, common doors access controls etc.Contact us to help you achieve a new level of hotel security.

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