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How to choose hotel card lock suppliers?

2019 / 12 / 10

How To Choose Hotel Card Lock Suppliers

Today, when the Internet is very developed, people are used to finding the answers by the Internet. When you need hotel locks, you may first collect hotel lock suppliers online and make a choice. The Internet has given us a lot of information and also made us more difficult to choose. Why? Because there is too much information, you must be capable of discriminating between those pieces of information.

Here are some main tips to chose suppliers for your reference:

Hotel management system suppliers ---- All of hotel door locks need to be controlled by a software, and you will find that many companies that offer hotel management systems also package and sell hotel locks. The advantage of choosing them is that you don't have to worry about the compatibility of the hotel management system and the door locks, because the software company has already debugged and integrated them. However, hardware is not their primary business. If you buy the door locks sold by software companies, you must pay special attention to their not necessarily good performance in hardware debugging and service.

Traditional mechanical lock manufacturers –-- many traditional mechanical door lock factories have been turned into electronic lock manufacturers. These suppliers are good at hardware and their locks are extremely rugged and durable. But the system functions and electronic circuit components are not necessarily perfect and easy to use. Because it takes years to collect customer feedback to optimize system functionality. Manufacturers that have transitioned from traditional door locks may not be able to do well if their history is not long.

Security products manufacturers、Hotel suppliers distributor、Brands ---- Most of these types are OEM operations, they will put their own product logo on the surface of the door lock case and packing. They have no R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

Professional hotel door lock suppliers ---- Have their own team from R&D, design, production, sales, and after-sales. Such as LOCSTAR which was established in 1998, the hardware and electronic parts of the hotel door locks are produced in their own factories. Locstar can provide a variety of handles and outward appearance hotel door locks for your choice. Not only hotel door locks, but also can provide complete hotel system products include the card, encoder, software etc.

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And they have their own software engineers who can provide SDK compatible with the different hotel management system. The hotel software is easy to install, the interface is simple and easy to use. Only 5 minutes to learn how to use it.

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