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Hotel smart door lock system composition


RFID Card Hotel Lock Management System

This system has specially designed for hotel high-efficiency service according to the international standard. Suit for Windows operation system,adopt ACCESS OR SERVER database.it's simple to operate and to learn. It can be satisfied with requirement of the hotel's management,such as password control,time control,area control,rank control,preference control.file records and so on. The multi-purpose function cards can be developed from the keycard,so it can achieve the hotel multi-purpose cards management.The multi-purpose cards support the lock system,power system,sate,the consuption system and so on.

Rfid lock system

Locstar hotel intelligent door lock system is a synthetically system that aggregates with hardware and software together.It is composed by the segment as blow:

Encoder--Read and write the smart lock,match the management software to issue cards,cancel card,set cards and so on.

Smart door lock--Installed on the door,must unlocked by the legal card

Smart card--Perfect key card management,14 types function cards under 3 management levels

Energy saver--Insert your room card into the energy saver to get power

Elevator controller--Activate the lift by showing your room card

The data collection machine--Set the door lock,collect the unlock records

Smart card basic function and extensive function,Philips mifare s50 card with its advanced technology,convenience and security is widly used for hotel,goverment,office,residential,etc.

Hotel rfid lock system

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