High end App controlled fingerprint z-wave door locks

Control you lock from anywhere on your smart phone,tablet or internet connected device

  • ITEM NO:

    LS-8018H-Z wave
  • Unlocking ways:

    Zwave command+fingerprint+Code+Card+mechnical key
  • Material:

    Zinc alloy
  • Certificate:

  • Mortise:

    10# ANSI
  • Color:

    Red copper,Blank,Gold
  • Warranty:

  • Payment term:

    T/T,Western Union,Paypal
  • Product Detail
  • Technical Parameters
  • Other Information

AES 128 bits encryption for zwave lock--Check lock status remotely to see if doors are locked by Mobile App freely,the transmission signal has been encrypted by AES 128 bits with high security.

Biometric semi-conductor fingerprint sensor--The Swedish FPC providing for hte fingerprint,132 international banks to witness the quality of application.

Self-locking protection--Lock shuts down after 5 time attempts and return to the standard program in 3 min.

Schedule setting--You can set the opening time according to the user ID NO.

Quick and simple programming--Programming made easy and compatible all zwave network.

Emergency power supplier--When the batteries are completely discharged,you can easily supply emergency power to the lock with the standard 9V battery.

Low battery indicator--It warms with alarm and LED in the event of low batter.

1. It is operated through smart phone over Apps to control the lock from anywhere on your smart phone, tablet.

 2. Works with the Home center 2, Vera gateway. (z-wave frequency:868.42MHz (EU), 921.42MHz (AU))(Gateway not included)

 3. Unlocking by zwave command+fingerprint + card + password + mechanical key in emergency  

 4. User capacity: support 1 master code and 100pcs fingerprint user, 100pcs user card, 100pcs user code  

 5. Swedish FPC semi-conductor fingerprint sensor, living dermis layer scanning  

 6. Voice navigation for easy operation  

 7. Auto lock in 5S

 8. Passage mode (constant unlocking) for meeting / party

 9. Powered by 4pcs AA Alkaline battery  

 10. Low voltage alarm  

 11. Touch screen keypad, blue backlight digits  

 12. ANSI standard mortise, free to change the direction.  

 13. Reversible handle  

 14. Lift handle for double lock  

 15. External power pole in case out of power  

 16. Override hidden cylinder

 17. Panel size:W80.2×H320×D92mm

Biometric fingerprint z wave lock




Z-Wave door lock

 Zwave Gateway (not included) 

    • Our Zwave Lock works well with Fibaro Z-wave Gateway, if you already have a z-wave gateway, just add our zwave lock in the APPs, and you can control it through smart phone. 
    • If you want to control the zwave lock in city "A" through smart phone with WIFI in city "B", just make sure you zwave gateway connected with the WIFI router. 
    • If you want to change the code through smart phone, we'd suggest to use Micasa z-wave gateway 
    • If you hope to set up passage mode, password with time limit, you can choose Micasa z-wave gateway




LS-8018-ZFMT z wave fingerprint locks technical parameter:


Master code


Fingerprint capacity 100Pcs
User code capacity     100Pcs
Card capacity 100Pcs
Card type Mifare one S50
Card frequency 13.56MHZ
Reading distance 1.5CM
Reading time <1S

Power Supply


Low―voltage Index


Battery life

1 year

Resolution rate     500DPI
FRR ≤0.01%
Error rate ≤0.0001%

Static current


Dynamic current


Working temperature


Storage temperature

-30 ~ 70

Working humidity

15%RH ~ 93%RH


1.10#ANSI for security metal door,free to change the direction



2.10#ANSI for wooden door,free to change the direction




 Each piece packed in white box



 Carton Size:L570 x W460 x H340 (mm)

 Volumes: 0.0891 m3 / ctn




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